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About Us

Our company specialises in the production of printed napkins, bringing years of experience since 2006. We are dedicated to the production of high-quality napkins, from overseeing the entire production process from inception to the final product.


We constantly transform our and your ideas onto paper, following a production process and maintaining a high level of quality control to ensure that our vision and philosophy resonate with you and meet the needs of your business.


Sharing our passion for napkins all over the world, we build strong relationships with partners from Italy, Sweden, Germany, and the United States. We take pride in collaborating with distinguished clients worldwide who have embraced our products and stay with us for years, with new projects and repeated orders.


We are now working towards a common goal; "The growth and advancement of our products on a global scale."

Χαρτοπετσέτες | world of napkins® co.

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